Training in the "virtual classroom"

We offer for you live online learning in the "virtual classroom". This e-learning format has unbeatable advantages - provided, concept and skill of online instructors are highly professional.

The learning experience and the transfer of live online events for this quality standard are significantly different from the widespread webinars and are a professional alternative to classroom training or other e-learning formats, even for challenging subjects such as leadership and sales training, or for all specialist training such. Ex. customs, liability and insurance, etc...

Save time and money

Your companies today are under enormous cost and time pressure. A lot of trainings often fall victim to budget cuts - what prevents growth. With live online seminars you can draw highly intensive learning events with extremely low cost. Through elimination of travel, hotel, food and opportunity costs, you can save up to 70% depending on the measure, seminar tourism deleted.

Secure transfer

Unlike traditional e-learning formats and also conventional webinars LLION live online trainings are marked by lively, social learning in small groups. Proven only provides this form a high learning effect. In short, modularized learning units themes can even be worked out didactically meaningful than would be possible in presence: a transfer of effective advantage! Learn - apply - learning - apply.

Improving quality

LLION live online trainings provide high quality learning. The advantages over other e-learning formats: Social and interactive learning, participants individually with high learning transfer. No reading of PowerPoint slides.