Since the attacks of 11 September 2001 in New York, the transport world has to compete with a new security situation . Air safety in the transport chain in accordance with regulation (EU) 185/2010 VO is top priority for everyone involved.

Any party to the airfreight - safety chain must be determined by the VO (EU) keep 185/2010 or is responsible for the safety of shipments.

Known consignors, carriers and regulated agents to advise and assist in the certification and implementation of safety concepts:

  • Known consignor / KC
  • Regulated Agent / RA

Our consulting services include:

  • kick-off meeting (introduction presentation / statutory / liability /
  • utility / demand)
  • actual situation analysis
  • concept creation
  • creating air cargo security program
  • internal audition

Focus of consulting services is to accompany you in the implementation of A as starting point to Z Admission to "KC / RegA". The experience of more than 40 students will be admitted for an appropriate guarantee investment security.


  • air safety officer training. VO (EU) 185/2010 annex 11.2.5
  • security training VO (EU) 185/2010 appendix
  • (7 UE for personnel with security control activities)
  • trainer training (annual)
  • refresher for security personnel