What is logistics? - Logistics is defined as an integrated planning, organization, management, execution and control of the entire flow of materials and goods with the associated flow of information , starting in sales planning / marketing; Development and production, through the (private) corporate value chain (i.e. production and / or distribution stages), procurement of delivery of products to the customer, including waste disposal and recycling.

In order to be an expert in "logistics" to benefit your company, we offer these specific issues:

  • Contract logistics - understanding customer requirements and correct implementation
  • "Lean" Warehousing – making efficient logistics and warehouse processes
  • "Green" - Logistics - Meaning "Green" - Logistics for medium-sized freight forwarding companies
  • Interactive Logistics simulation (practice - Simulation Game)

Transport Law & Liability

Legal bases, laws and regulations, Terms and conditions and many more things are, for example, in the preparation of contracts for the transport and logistics sector and the processing of damage in transit. What is really important for the practice? What solutions are in contractual relationship with customers, subcontractors or insurers?

Our training, gives the correct answers, based on real cases. Our special training includes:

  • Claims Management
  • Contract Management in Logistics