Development and implementation of management guidelines

Management guidelines serve as a framework and standards for leadership in business. You hold the general principles and principles of management and thus fulfill orientation, standardization and public relations functions.

Guidelines give supervisors and employees in your company orientation, by providing a common, consistent and systematic basis of leadership.

Moreover, the desired behavior of managers in dealing with and in cooperation with employees is standardized to a certain extent.

Each guideline documents requirements for leadership, which should contribute to a common understanding of leadership and provides for cooperation with each other. In addition to these internal functions, management guidelines can also be used for public relations purposes, to give the public an insight into the company's internal management and cooperation principles.

Possible key questions for the development of management guidelines

  • What guidelines match the corporate culture and strategy?
  • What are our most important values in the company?
  • What do the guidelines concretely (concrete instigation) mean?
  • How and when do I communicate corporate guidelines to employees?
  • How do I generate specific targets from general guidelines for employees?
  • How do I motivate a team of employees to achieve goals under their own initiative?
  • How do I fulfill my role as a leader in terms of corporate guidelines?
  • What methods can I use to consistently remind employees of corporate guidelines?
  • How do I translate corporate guidelines to practical everyday working life?
  • What tools do all managers need to implement corporate guidelines and to set an example themselves?