For changes feedback is an important prerequisite. The balance between the internal and external views provides valuable information for the individual development of a person.

At 360 ° feedback can all relevant groups in the professional environment of a human being - superiors, colleagues, employees, but also customers and business partners - proposed anonymously and confidentially their assessments (external image). The self-assessment of the person (self-image) then completes the overall picture.

A 360 ° feedback is a modularly designed system in which you can select from a variety of evalution dimensions, that are relevant to answer your questions regarding personal, social and vocational skills.

The process can also be carried out naturally with reduced feedback encoder circuit as 270-degree feedback, 180 ° feedback, or 90 ° feedback.

What is the benefit for you and your company from a 360-degree feedback process?

Here you concrete benefits:

  • they encourage executives targeted and efficient
  • they strengthen the cooperation within the company
  • you can initiate a strategic personnel development measures
  • they develop a more open and constructive communication culture
  • they recognize specific developmental needs better
  • you can develop corporate guidelines and management principles

Whatis the benefit for the recipient of  360 ° feedback the feedback recipient (e.g. the executive manager)?

Here the personal benefits:

  • He / she receives an open, diversified and realistic feedback from different perspectives.
  • He / she gets to know their strengths and development areas.
  • He / she can work specifically on their development areas.
  • He / she receives a concrete basis for planning individual development.
  • He / she can use the feedback as an entry in a coaching process

The feedback method can be used both to prepare (possible key content) of a series of trainings for leadership development, as well as to improve the sustainability, after an appropriate training series.