Koblenz, in January 2010 - Christian Buchenthal and Dieter Froitzheim founded on January 1st, 2010, the Lobraco Akademie GmbH as a new institute for training, coaching and consulting in the transport and logistics world.

The innovative training and consultancy company based in Winningen / Mosel, near Koblenz, offers a tailored to the transport and logistics industry, very practice-oriented service program.

The two managing directors Christian Buchenthal and Dieter Froitzheim draw on their previous experience in the industry, and also on tried and tested and proven coaches. Its services range from operational issues such as aviation security, dangerous goods, customs, dispatching management & leadership and sales and customer orientation to performance coaching of individual employees or executives.

The training activities are customer demand developed and carried out in-house training. In addition, an open online training program with more than 50 different trainings for registering individual participants will be offered.

Dieter Froitzheim: "Especially for medium-sized companies in the transport and logistics industry is missing an open training program for qualification of individual employees or managers, this" gap ", we close with our interesting program."

The trainings take place in the company's own training center at the headquarters in Winningen or in selected partner hotels throughout Germany.

"As part of our consulting services, for example on all issues of air safety, we attach particular importance to ensuring that the interests of the company can be compared with the legal provisions and implemented as cost-neutral. However, safety is always a top priority, explains Christian Buchenthal as a specialist in operational issues such as aviation security and customs.

We look forward to you and your staff